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Current Events - First Coffee and Conversation Speaker Series of the Fall 

The Old Courthouse Heritage Museum presents the first Coffee and Conversation Speaker Series Program of the season, featuring Jack Davis, professor of environmental history and sustainability studies at the University of Florida on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 7:00p.m., second floor courtroom at the Old Courthouse Heritage Museum. The free public program titled: "Rivers Run to It: The Gulf of Mexico and the Marvelous Well-Springs of Its History and Ecology"  is based on research for his new book titled: The Gulf: The Making of American Sea. Davis writes his books not for an academic audience but a broader intellectually curious one. This program is funded in-part by the Florida Humanites Council. 

INVERNESS - - A traveling exhibition called The Art of Uncle Monday has opened in the John Murray Davis rotating exhibition gallery. From now through the end of October, the Citrus County Historical Society, Inc. is hosting the exhibit at the Old Courthouse Heritage Museum in downtown Inverness.The exhibit, described as a The Art of Uncle Monday and Other Florida Tales opened August 4 in the John Murray Davis Rotating Gallery at the Old Courthouse Heritage Museum. This visiting exhibition features framed prints of illustrations by Kitty Kitson Petterson for Dr. Kristin G. Congdon’s book Uncle Monday and Other Florida Tales. The artwork is on loan from the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee.

Few states can boast the diversity of cultures that created Florida and its folktales! The tales go back over 100 years and draw mainly from the Cracker, African American, and Seminole cultures. Large, full-page illustrations vividly express the humor and poignancy so often found in folklore. Congdon’s book has garnered two major awards and is now a Florida folklore classic.

Also on display is a collection of classic children’s pop-up books to supplement Petterson’s artworks.

About the Illustrator

Kathryn Kitson Petterson followed her husband to Saudi Arabia, London, and Kuwait for his career, raising two children in the process. In Saudi Arabia, which did not permit free expression of art, especially by women, she started an art organization that still thrives today. In Orlando, Petterson founded a gallery, taught college art classes, made posters, and illustrated children's books. Her images of Martin Luther King were put on buses. In 2001, she passed away at the age of 58 with cancer.

About the Author

Kristin G. Congdon is Professor Emerita of Philosophy and Humanities at the University of Central Florida. She has also taught art in a variety of places, including public schools, correctional settings, treatment facilities, and museums. She has published extensively on folk art, community art, multi-cultural art education, and feminism in an effort to celebrate artists who have had little visibility in the art world. She has also been senior editor of Studies in Art Education and The Journal for Research in Art Education and is a principal co-investigator in a project that documents China’s cultural heritage.

The Old Courthouse Heritage Museum can be reached for more information at (352) 341.6436 or e-mail katherine.turner@bocc.citrus.fl.us.


Citrus County Historical Society

The Citrus County Historical Society, Inc. (CCHS, INC.) was originally formed in 1963, and incorporated in 1979. Operating as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, it accepts tax-deductible donation in the active pursuit to "preserve and further the knowledge of the history and pre-history of Citrus County and nearby areas."

Since 1985, the Citrus County Historical Society has been located in The Old 1912 County Courthouse, located at 1 Courthouse Square, Inverness, Florida. The historic Courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.Call (352) 341-6428 to order historic photographs for your home, office or business. Please consider becoming a member and volunteering with one of our many programs, events or councils. 

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